Gladiator Rising




How much fun?




Microtransactions / ads



  • Almost no microtransaction
  • Very few ads
  • Fun turn-based combat
  • Free


  • Classes and skills not balanced


What is Gladiator Rising?

Gladiator Rising is a free-to-play mobile game. It has turn-based combat, character leveling, buying and selling items and upgrading skills. Every time you die in the combat you have to start over, so the combat rewards good thinking and good strategies. It took me around 6 hours of playing to complete the game (beat the final boss), and I had a lot of fun. I won by finding a really overpowered strategy, which made the late games less fun.

Available on: Google Play, App Store
Price: Free




Your objective in this game is to defeat all the enemies and reach the final boss. If you die in the battle, you have to start over the game. The enemies keep getting stronger and stronger as you get closer to the final boss, but by purchasing new items and leveling up you get stronger too.



The combat is turn-based. You have three base skills: health, magicka and stamina. You use magicka to cast spells, and stamina is used in melee attacks. You can choose whether you want to be a mage, melee warrior, or maybe a combination of both. I played most of the game as a mage, I found it more enjoyable.

There are “abilities” that work as the spells and special attacks. You unlock more and more of them while playing. I don’t think they are balanced enough, some of them are really overpowered and make winning too easy when you figure out the perfect combination of them.

Store where you can buy better items



Microtransactions and ads

This game pretty much has no microtransactions, but it has ads. The ads appear when you “sleep” to reset your health and stamina, so depending on your playstyle and lenght of your matches, the ads appear probably once every 15 minutes. The only thing that you can buy with real money are few gems that really don’t help your gameplay almost at all, just speed up the early game a bit. They do remove the ads though and serve as a “donation” for the developers, so if you want, you can spend just about one dollar to remove the ads.

So.. is it worth playing?

Yeah, I would say so. I had fun playing it, and it is free. I like games that don’t have timers or anything like that, so I can pretty much pause at any point or just play while I watch Netflix (do other people do that?).

It’s free, so maybe give it a try if you like turn-based games.

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