Best Gaming Mouse 2018 – Ranking the best gaming mice

Best Gaming Mouse 2018

Precise, feels great in hand, good looking and not too expensive – that’s the perfect gaming mouse you can get. But what gaming mouse can fill all those requirements? That’s up to you, since in this comparison I will do the hard work and give you the most accurate and highest quality mice, and you can choose which one is for you. This is the best gaming mouse 2018 comparison!


Logitech G502
Best “all-in-one” mouse

Available at: Amazon

Logitech G502 has been my all time favorite mouse for the last 3 years. The Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum gaming mouse features one of the best sensors on the gaming mice market right now, RGB-lighting for your aesthetic needs, DPI ranging from 200 to 12,000 an lastly, adjustable weights on the bottom of the mouse. This mouse has total of 11 programmable buttons, all of them can do any key combination you want. For an example you can put shortcuts for skip/previous song on the buttons above your thumb, or if gaming is all you do, you can put some game related binds to it, such as building shortcuts in Fortnite, grenade binds in CS:GO and PUBG, or even some text typing shortcuts for Minecraft commands.

I use this mouse daily, so I feel like I am more than qualified to review it. The thing I most appreciate in this mouse is how good it feels in my hand – no other mouse has ever felt as good. The thumb rest is really comfortable and the button locations are nearly perfect, enabling a really good grip. However, the only thing I don’t like about this mouse is the “sniper button” at your thumb. I never use it, it’s just annoying since I sometimes press it, which is my I have disabled the entire button. The point of the button is to slow your sensitivity by 50% when you press it, which is why it’s called the “sniper button”.

Reasons to buy:
– Highly adjustable
– One of the best sensors
– RGB-lighting, because why not
– A lot of programmable buttons
– Great grip, feels good on hand
– Adjustable weight: make it weight more if you want to


Roccat Kova
Best mid-priced mouse

Available at: Amazon

If you already spent all your budget into a computer and you can’t afford a really expensive mouse, the Roccat Kova is a great choice. It’s durable, feels good in hand and has quite stylish customizable buttons on its sides. Roccat Kova has RGB-lighting that can be configured in its gaming software, just like you can also configure its programmable buttons.

I have never tried the gaming software so I can’t give any opinion about it, but this mouse feels really good in hand overall. It’s not too big or too small in my average hands (I think they are average?), and the design is pretty neat. It’s a durable mouse with an affordable price.

Reasons to buy:
– Good price
– Many customizable buttons
– Looks good, “gamer” look
– Stylish RGB-lighting


Logitech G903
Best high-end mouse

Available at: Amazon

Logitech G903 is probably the most expensive gaming mouse I know, but if your gaming budget allows that, then this might be the perfect mouse for you. It’s a wireless mouse with a bit similar design to the Logitech G502 that I awarded as the best “all-in-one” mouse. Just like G502, the Logitech G903 has several programmable custom buttons for your needs, but this time they are located on the both sides of the mouse – two on the left side, two on the right side and two on the top of the mouse among the DPI-switch button.

I have really grown to love my G502 and when I tried the G903 it felt like G502’s lost cousin. The G903 doesn’t have a rest for your thumb like G502 does, but it does still feel great in hand. The fact that this mouse is wireless is really great, it looks good on your desk and you can move it around really freely. The sensor is probably the best one on the markets right now, meaning that the fact that it is wireless does not make it any less accurate than other mouses – in fact I have heard that it is currently the most accurate gaming mouse a PC gamer can buy.

Reasons to buy:
– It’s wireless
– Feels great in hand
– Nice gamer look
– No unnecessary leds
– Adjustable weights


Pictek Gaming Mouse
Best low-budget mouse

Available at: Amazon

I usually tell people to stay away from cheap mice producers, but the Pictek gaming mouse is pretty good for its price. I don’t think it even has a real name, its title on Amazon is just a keyword spam, but somehow they actually managed to make a working cheap product. The Pictek gaming mouse has 2 extra buttons on its left side, 1 quick DPI-switch button on top and.. a mouse wheel. It has blue leds and its DPI can be switched between 800, 1000, 1600 and 2400. You can’t set a precise DPI, since it does not have any executable software, just the DPI-switch key at the top with preset DPIs.

Reasons to buy:
– You already used all your money on your PC


Razer Naga Hex
Best MOBA / MMO mouse

Available at: Amazon

If I played MOBAs or MMO-games, the Razer Naga Hex is probably the mouse that I would use. It has really useful programmable buttons on its left side, so you can do some really quick spells and stuff (sorry, as I said, I don’t play MOBAs). I don’t really like Razer, their products are a bit overpriced and seem to break often, but their Naga Hex mouse is the best MOBA mouse.

I have this mouse, but I have almost never used it. I just like my Logitech G502 much more. The Razer Naga Hex feels pretty good on my hand, but I just don’t have any needs for that many extra buttons.

Reasons to buy:
– Many, many, many buttons
– RGB-lighting
– Even more buttons


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