Razer Cynosa Chroma – Razer’s budget keyboard

Razer Cynosa Chroma









  • Quiet keys
  • "Normal" design
  • RGB-lighting


  • Keys feel soft
  • No macro keys

Razer Cynosa Chroma review

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Cynosa Chroma is Razer’s recent and affordable gaming keyboard. It has quiet mechanical keys, RGB-lighting and a really nice design – but no extra macro buttons, which might be a shame for some gamers.




Razer Cynosa Chroma looks great. It has a simple, “normal” keyboard design, nobody will even notice it’s a gaming keyboard if you don’t have the RGB lighting on. The buttons are designed to be quiet, which is nice, but the keys feel a bit “soft” because of it. It took a while for me to get used to them (I moved to this keyboard from Logitech G910, it has really responsive buttons), but eventually I started liking the feel of this keyboard.

There are no extra macro buttons. I don’t mind that at all, I never really even used them. You can still create some shortcuts or macros by combining key presses, for an example Alt+Z combination.




The leds are really bright, so if that’s what you like, you will love this keyboard. The lighting effects use the Razer Cynapse program, so you can use any lighting presets that Razer has. You can see some of the presets in the video below.


Is it worth buying?

I think Razer Cynosa Chroma is a great choice. It’s very affordable and if you don’t care about the missing macro keys, I don’t see any reason to go for a more expensive model. This keyboard is great.

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