The best Reddit app alternatives of 2018 (Android)


The best Reddit apps on Android

The fact that the official reddit app lacks so many features and is slow compared to other apps really makes me wonder what the hell Reddit is doing. Well, at least on Android we have many Reddit app alternatives, and as an addicted Reddit user I feel like I’m qualified to recommend two of my favorite Reddit apps on Android.



Boost for Reddit

Available on: Play Store
Price: Free / $2.49

(Don’t mind my small font size, I really like having it small)

Why Boost for Reddit?
The reason why Boost for Reddit is currently the only Reddit app I use is its customization, media playback options and fast loading speeds. There’s a free and a paid version of it available, and I use the paid version since I waste so much time on Reddit and having more features is definitely worth the $2.49 price. Here are the top reasons why I think it’s the best Reddit app alternative.

Customizable themes (and dark mode)
Change almost any of the layout colors. There are theme presets, such as dark mode and grey mode. I always use dark mode, since I like using Reddit before going to sleep.

It doesn’t have to be dark though, you can add any color you want to the header, font, text background and to other elements.

Gif and video autoplay
As you scroll down, the gifs will play automatically, which is a must-have feature for me. I don’t know any other reddit app that has this, other than the official Reddit app.

Only gifs and Reddit’s own videos autoplay, YouTube and other video sharing sites will not autoplay. Tip: there’s an option to have autoplay videos muted by default.

Media quality settings
If you have fast and unlimited internet, use the best picture and video playback quality, and if you have slow or limited internet, you can set a lower quality for pictures and videos. Really useful setting!

So much customization
Boost is really customizable, which is great. You can make your Reddit experience be exactly what you want it to be.

Multiple accounts / profiles
You can sign in multiple Reddit accounts and change between them quickly with a few taps. Great for those with alt-accounts!



Sync for Reddit

Available on: Play Store
Price: Free / $2.99

Why do I still prefer Boost over Sync?
Sync used to be my favorite Reddit app alternative until the previously mentioned Boost added its gif autoplay option. Sync and Boost are really similar, but Sync only has gif autoplay on its “swipe” mode, which is a fullscreen slideshow mode, and I want to have autoplay when scrolling down the normal “card” mode.


How is it different from Boost?
Short answer.. it really isn’t. There are some really small differences between them, but both can be very customized, starting from the theme to all the way to comment chains and card layouts.

Sync is a great alternative for Boost if for some reason you don’t want to use it. Until Sync adds Gif autoplay just like Boost has done, my vote will still go for Boost.

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