How to make your Android screen dimmer or darker than minimum

I love reading Reddit posts in bed, but my Android phone screen is still uncomfortably bright, even when I use the minimum brightness and a dark Reddit theme. That’s why I decided to find the best and most lightweight way to make your screen even dimmer or darker without sacrificing any performance, usability or battery life.

Screen Filter
Available on: Play Store
Price: Free


(You can set different dim amounts as shortcuts)


What is Screen Filter?
The Screen Filter app is really lightweight and well designed app. It will make your screen dimmer and darker, overlaying all the apps and activities with a transparent black color. So, it does not mess your phone settings, instead it adds a customizable black color on your screen – and by customizable I mean that you can change how powerful the dark color is. Less powerful will make your screen a bit dimmer, whereas the most powerful option will make your screen almost entirely black.

Why is it so great?
What makes Screen Filter so great is its widgets on the home screen. On the earlier picture you can see 3 different widgets that I added to my home screen. By pressing them they dim my screen by the marked %-amount, and pressing them for the second time cancels the dim. Super easy and quick way to make your screen darker!


(You can add the dimming shortcut to your homescreen from your widgets)


It should work on any Android phone and all the newest Android versions. I am using Android 8.0 (Oreo) and it definitely works on it.

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