Best shaders for Minecraft 1.6 / MCPE (2018)

Best shaders for Minecraft PE 1.6 & 1.5

Are you bored of the vanilla Minecraft look? If yes, then you will absolutely love these Pocket Edition shaders! In the video below you can see the 5 best shaders for Minecraft PE 1.6 and 1.5 update. They all work on both iOS and Android, and are compatible with the latest MCPE update. They add custom skies with clouds, more transparent water, animated grass and waving leaves!




1. SEUS PE Shaders


SEUS PE is a high end shader, so you will need a powerful tablet or phone to run it. I suggest you to have a look at our best tablets 2018 list, if you need a powerful tablet for some gaming!

The SEUS PE shaders adds beautiful clouds, great looking water, really strong shaders and a bit blue color in everything. This shader also adds waving grass and leaves.


2. Simple Shader

(Link updated for 1.6)

The Simple Shader is quite new and really performance friendly shader. If your phone or tablet is starting to be a bit too old and you’re not interested in getting a new tablet, you might want to give this shader a try.

Simple Shader adds a custom sky and some light shadows that don’t look too dark. It changes the water a little bit and does not add any waving grass or leaves.


3. CSPE Shaders


Another quite high-end shader for powerful phones and tablets. I really like what it looks like, the green grass looks really lively and the shadows aren’t too dark. Also there’s a little blue tint on everything.

The CSPE shaders adds also waving grass and leaves, and changes the water to look a bit smoother.


4. Enhanced Vanilla Shaders


The Enhanced Vanilla shaders is a low-end shader with a vanilla look. It does some really simple changes to your Minecraft including the lighting is a bit different and there are shadows.


5. EVO Shaders:


High-end shader, has some performance issues. I had a lot of problems with this shader, which is why it’s the 5th shader on this list. Feel free to try it, but I would test the other shaders first.


BONUS: Custom Sky


The Custom Sky is a texture pack instead of a shader, so it has no lag impact in your game (at least any really noticable). Give it a try, maybe you will love it! It will also work with other texture packs, just leave this texture pack above the other packs when choosing texture packs in the Minecraft menu.

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